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Whether you are a collector or someone who is interested in making some extra cash through reselling, you might have heard sneaker reselling pop up a few times.

People have been reselling sneakers for years and years, however, this community has grown to become a much more lucrative business today in late Summer of 2021.

Can I still make money reselling sneakers?

Yes! You most definitely can, and is something some even do for a full-time job. …

If you are not familiar with Rakuten yet, you are in for a treat. But assuming that you clicked on this I’m assuming you’re wondering if it is legit or if it actually works.

What is Rakuten and How Does it Work?

Rakuten is a browser extension that gives you Cashback for your online purchases. Cashback ranges from 1% to 10% back, all you have to do is click a little button at the top right of your screen to activate the cashback before you purchase! Your purchase will be saved within your account, and you will receive a payout through a check in the mail, PayPal, or AMEX Rewards points (your choice).

This entire process is extremely simple, you’re not going to get rich off of this but you definitely will be saving…

If you are someone who often requires the printing of labels, whether you’re a eBay seller or online business owner, the Rollo printer is one that you need.

I’ve been using mine for almost a year now and it has done WONDERS. Before if I needed to ship out a package, all I did was just print it out on a normal sheet of paper, cut it out, and tape it to the box. The Rollo printer does that all for you instead, saving you tons of time.

The Rollo printer is marketed as a label printer which is essentially…

I’ve written many many different side hustles for you guys to read. You guys obviously clicked on this article because you might be getting into reselling and wanting to make a couple extra bucks.

Reselling can be done at any age, with small capital, and can be risk free. NOTHING beats the return I have seen from reselling than any comparable side hustle.

How easy is it to get started?

Although you won’t be able to grasp everything at the very beginner, the concept of reselling is very simple: buy a sought after item, sell at a higher price making…

What is SkateBoxe?

SkateBoxe is a middle man service that allows saves you a lot of money on skate shoes! As a skater, depending on if you’re a goofy or regular, either your left or right shoe will go through lots of ware and tare. SkateBoxe will connect you with someone who is the opposite for you. The idea is that if you’re a regular skater your left shoe will be worn through a lot faster than your right. You can either try to fix holes with different solutions like tape and what not but will just end up buying…

The Nike Dunk Low ‘Samba’ is going to be released on August 21st for a retail price of $100. This comes in a nice grey, blue, and red colorway; definitely one of a kind in the dunk line up!

These are a COP for sure. The Nike Dunk Low collections have been doing extremely well. The previous drop of the dunk low were the Grateful Deads, however, I would not compare those with this pair as those were more exclusive. I would compare these to the Saint Johns, Champ Colors, and Brazils. I personally think resell will be around the…

You might be on a Mac system, but want to play some games that are Windows only, or maybe you’re using a bot that is Windows only and you are not allowed. The great thing about a Mac is that you can actually access Windows in a couple different ways on your Mac system. This isn’t what I generally write about, but for you sneaker botters out there this might be pretty useful (and gamers).

  1. BootCamp

The Air Jordan 5 ‘Alternate Bel Air’ is releasing on SaturdayAugust 15th for a retail price of $190. The Jordan 5 collection is a huge fan favorite, with the previous shoe that came out being the Alternate Grapes. We’ve seen a few 5’s this year including the Fire Reds and Top 3s. The Bel Air have a very interesting color blocking with a white upper and and purple bottom.

These will release on Footsites (Footlocker, Champs, FootAction, EastBay), Nike SNKRS, and other independent retailers at 10:00am. …

You just got a job and received your FIRST check in the mail, now what? This article is going to be for high school students so if you’re a high school student who just got a job and you’re reading this, I hope you learn something!

I got my first job when I was 16 and it was a swim coach. This I guess wasn’t too usual, most teenagers probably get a job as a lifeguard or apply to work at a restaurant or what not but that’s besides the point. No matter the job, you’re making money. …


Make money with me.

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